Christine Sun Kim


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Christine Sun Kim

This is intriguing. Her idea challenges the conventional notion of sound. Just to think about the possibility of different dimensions of sound, other than THE sound as we know (that is, sound in a physical sense that 1)causes vibration on eardrums, and then 2)perceived by brain as information) and that it may exist in different forms to others is totally refreshing. Because to most of us hearing people, well, sound is… just sound, and there aren’t really other ways to understand it. (Having said that, the sound as I understand may not be the same as sound perceived by other hearing person..hmm) Ultimately, one arrives at very fundamental question of ‘what is sound?’. Tells me again, that it is when you try to understand other people’s world that you have a new horizon of thoughts opening up for you.


“Listening requires intensified concentration and attentiveness towards what one is listening to; it is linked to the notion of desire, anticipation and understanding, a striving for a possible meaning.HLYSNAN: The Notion and Politics of Listening understands listening as agency, as gesture, as attitude and as taking a position.”

Learned this new word ‘Hlysnan’, which is an old English word equivalent of ‘listen’. (They sound quite similar, so I understand that it probably changed with time) The word focuses on the notion of attention and intent. So listening is ‘hearing with intent’

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